Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Hot Food

Above is Michael Rosen reading Hot Food on YouTube
Here is the link

This poem tells the story of a family at the table eating their dinner. We laugh as each person at the table blows their potato before popping it in their mouth. However, when their dad just shoves the potato into his mouth and starts flapping about, the poem becomes comical. Again this poem is showing the way in which children look at their elders in confusion. Parents are meant to be the people which guide their children through their childhood preparing them for adult life, giving them the tools to prosper in all areas. However their dad is completely disregarding the conventional parenting skills and behaving much like a child. The physical representation of the moral foundation in this poem is their father as the child points out how ridiculous he looks as he eats the hot potato. I find this poem quite close to home as many times me, my sister and my mum have witnessed my dad eat something that is too hot and then complain!
Maybe it is a dad thing!
Either way, Michael Rosen cleverly draws upon moments within childhood in relation to food which depict a child's view on life which I believe we can all relate with.

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