Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Sooooo.. ok... really... blaaa

The title of this blog pretty much sums up nonsense poetry. There is not one answer for any of the work that is considered nonsense poetry. It is created to allow the audience to escape into their imagination which in my view is the best place to be. Hence why I am inspired by Michael Rosen. The poems which I have looked at are only a few of his poems which highlight the use of food. I attempted to make my own poem in his style and it really allowed me to understand at what stage his mind would have been in when he wrote those poems.

Food is not simply a physical object on a plate. As we grow older we begin to disregard the necessity of food and the importance of it. However, children, much like those within Michael Rosen's poems still see the ways in which it can be used. Whether it be by eating all the food in a manic state of gluttony, or whether it be that they throw it around and use it as a weapon, or even if they simply are questioning why adults rush their food and do not have patience, it seems that children notice the importance of food much more than the adults. Michael Rosen cleverly highlighted this at the same time as reinforcing the idea that the food is the physical metaphor for the lesson which should be taught as a child.

Food is not there to just be eaten and forgotten about. It is part of an experience. Children take this and explore it. As adults we need to remember those moments we got cake all over our face and custard all down our new shirt, because those moments reconnect us with our childhood. The fact food can do that suggests that it has to be of importance. Michael Rosen knew this and he represented it beautifully. Next time you see a food which holds a nostalgic memory, do not rush past it. Think about. Remember it. Enjoy it.

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