Wednesday, 26 March 2014


I didn't know what I wanted for lunch at work today. I spent my entire lunch break deciding on what I wanted and by the end of my thirty minute break I quickly ate a packet of crisps and gave up thinking of any other option. Michael Rosen's poem Say Please sprung to mind so thought I would share it with you!
I'll have a please sandwich cheese
No I mean a knees sandwich please
Sorry I mean a fleas sandwich please
No a please sandwich please
no  no -
I'll have a doughnut
Say Please
This poem is simple and sweet. In a matter of six lines, Michael Rosen explores the excitement for this sandwich. So much excitement that the narrator cannot even ask for the correct sandwich which he wants. However, as excited as the narrator is, a doughnut quickly becomes a feasible replacement. Seems that the doughnut is what the narrator craved all along. Laziness is a huge part of food consumption. Michael Rosen depicts this very quickly and cleverly. Interlinking impatience whilst highlighting that impatience can originate from the fact that we never wanted that first option in the first place.
Maybe I always wanted that packet of crisps. Sounds quite feasible!
Works Cited: Rosen, M. and Blake, Q. 1996. Don't put mustard in the custard. London: Scholastic.

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  1. I go through this all the time when i'm on a break. Loved the poem!